Louisiana Film Prize in the house

Posted: 11/03/2017
Written by: Krewe of PFF7

The Top 5 winner from Louisiana Film Prize screening 7 p.m. Friday, Nov. 4 at the Pontchartrain Film Festival:


My Father’s Son 

Film Logline: On the verge of his biggest show to date, successful photographer, and soon to be father, Asher Van Zandt, must return to his roots when he learns of his estranged father’s death.


Edited by Kyle Clements & Brian C Miller Richard 


Director’s Bio: A veteran actor, Kyle Clements has appeared in over 35 films and television shows, including; The Walking Dead, American Horror Story, Bad Lieutenant, and 2 Guns. Also an up and coming filmmaker, Kyle won the 2013 Louisiana Film Prize for his directorial debut, Silo. In art and in life he’s driven by a love of story, adventure, and the world around him. Kyle is from Hammond, Louisiana, resides in Los Angeles, but left a permanent piece of his heart in Shreveport four years ago. 


Exit Strategy

Film Logline: A man in a time loop must work with his brother to prevent a catastrophic fire. 


Travis Bible grew up in Shreveport and graduated from Magnet High.   He received his B.S in Film at the University of Texas.   He was creator and Executive Producer of the MTV docuseries Caged which was shot in the Shreveport/Bossier area.  He’s made numerous award winning shorts, including previous LA film Prize Top 20 Selections, 30 Year Deal and Con.  He currently lives in Los Angeles where he produces and edits shows for MTV that have nothing to do with music.    



Film Logline: Two men making the rounds on behalf of their company make their last stop for the night at Grimley Grocery to check in and have a ‘word’ with the management. 



Film Logline: Emma, an inexperienced grifter, seems happy sticking with her smaller cons of robbing grocery stores and making a quick buck. But when Sam, a jaded con man, sees her potential, he recruits her to help pull off the biggest scam of their careers.  The mismatched duo only have a few hurdles to overcome: cops, the mafia, a ruthless diamond dealer, each other, and...alligators.  What could possibly go wrong?



Film Logline: After getting dumped by his fiancé, a lonely, middle-aged man proceeds to take the couple’s swing dancing class he signed them both up for.




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